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Delay Wrinkles fast with Effective Rejuvenation Products

delay wrinkles

Delay Wrinkles fast with Effective Rejuvenation Products. Age positivity is just coming into fashion. Out of habit, most people, embarrassed by wrinkles, strive with all their might for rejuvenation. Finding an effective remedy to delay wrinkles is not so easy. First, you need to understand the mechanism of skin aging. This will help determine whether the proposed cream will give the desired result. We will figure out why the skin fades and whether it is possible to prolong its youth.

Causes of skin aging and delay wrinkles

The biological aging process affects all organs, including the skin. Its first signs—facial wrinkles—appear after 25 years. Over time, their number, depth, and severity increase, most noticeable on the face and hands.

The causes of skin aging can be found at each level

The epidermis becomes more sensitive due to slower regeneration. Cells do not renew themselves quickly enough, and their protective function decreases.
The dermis loses a percentage of collagen every year. Its structure is disrupted, which affects elasticity. Blood circulation slows down; cells do not receive enough oxygen. Subcutaneous tissue accumulates fewer and fewer lipids, causing volume loss, skin sag, and deeper wrinkles.

All these changes are natural – nothing can stop them. However, certain factors can speed up or slow down the process. For rejuvenation, it is important to neutralize the former and enhance the latter.

delay wrinklesExternal factors of aging

The environment greatly accelerates the withering process. The main enemy of the skin is the sun. Therefore, exposed areas of the body are the first to suffer: face, neck, décolleté, hands, and feet.

As a result of photoaging, the basic substances necessary to maintain youth are damaged:

      • collagen;
      • water barrier;
      • melanocytes;
      • elastin.

Under UV radiation, the skin dries out, becomes tougher, and sags over time. Cold, dry air and wind aggravate the situation.

Smokers, both active and passive, suffer the most. Cigarette smoke penetrating the epidermis reduces the volume of oxygen in the dermis cells. The internal synthesis of elastin and collagen, already destroyed by the sun, slows down. All this causes the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Internal reasons

The skin’s condition at any age is affected by all the disruptions that occur in the body. The earlier appearance of wrinkles is promoted by:

  • endocrine diseases;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • kidney dysfunction, causing frequent edema;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • consequences of hypovitaminosis;
  • neurological and psychological diseases

In general, any past illness accelerates aging. This causes the body to wear out faster, spending resources to fight the disease. Under such conditions, the skin receives less oxygen, leading to premature collagen destruction.

Dermatological problems also accelerate aging. A hereditary factor cannot be ruled out either. Some families stay young for a long time, while others notice the first changes already in their youth.

Types of drugs to preserve youth

We will not dwell in detail on the means used to treat diseases that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. Let’s focus on drugs that provide a direct rejuvenating effect. Here are the main active ingredients to delay wrinkles:

  • Vitamin D. This is not only a cure for rickets. The substance regulates carbohydrate metabolism, accelerates metabolism, and stimulates collagen production.
  • Coenzyme Q10 provides cells with additional energy, regulates the supply of oxygen to them, increases the protective functions of the epidermis, and helps delay wrinkles.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. Regulate lipid metabolism, normalize metabolism, and prevent collagen destruction.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Nourishes cells, accelerates regeneration, and maintains hydrobalance.
  • L-carnosine. Protects fats and nucleic acids from oxidation and increases the duration of the cell division cycle.

These are the most popular products for facial skin rejuvenation and delay wrinkles, but the list is not exhaustive. It is important that a pharmacy consultant and a cosmetologist help in their choice.

Home methods and folk remedies

Regardless of her attitude towards anti-aging drugs and hardware methods for smoothing the skin, any woman has her secrets. These include not only professional cosmetics but also folk remedies. A homemade way to prolong youth and delay wrinkles may include
Applying masks. The basis is natural ingredients: honey, sour cream, apricot, aloe, and eggs.

Carrying out self-massage. It is unnecessary to take special face-building courses to speed up blood flow or enhance the penetration of daily cosmetics.
Applying compresses. Pieces of ice, potato slices, sea salt solution, and herbal decoctions help.

A good method to delay wrinkles is, first of all, safe. Therefore, you should not experiment with homemade recipes, whose harm may outweigh the benefits. For example, washing with vinegar is often said to be effective against wrinkles and delay wrinkles. But burns to the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes are much more dangerous than natural aging.

Skincare features to delay wrinkles

In general, you can prolong youth on your own if you follow important rules of care. A simple way is to avoid external factors that accelerate aging:

  • avoid direct UV rays;
  • do not stand in the wind;
  • quit smoking and minimize contact with smokers;
  • humidify the air at home;
  • take vitamins.

It has been proven that active facial expressions contribute to the earlier appearance of wrinkles. Contrary to misconceptions, facial mobility does not produce a lifting effect. Therefore, you must decide what is more important: a young, smooth face or the manifestation of lively emotions.

It is undesirable to neglect cosmetics. You have never let anyone down, even if you don’t believe in miracle creams, wrinkle-smoothing, moisturizing, and nourishing products. Lack of moisture and biologically active substances directly lead to premature aging. The main thing is to use products that suit your skin type and do not cause allergic reactions.




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